‘Prescription overdoses – drugs of addiction’

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‘Human error or criminal culpability? The line is blurring’

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Ms Ragni Mathur Please click here for the video. 

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Complaints against doctors are on the rise! Why are patients complaining and what can you do.

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Ms Karen Stott

Ms Rachel King

Article ‘Science of Human Relations

Acticle ‘Pain of Conflict’

Pitfalls of an Expert

Ms Kylie Agland & Dr Lisa Brown

‘Navigating privacy in the healthcare sector’ Q&A Panel Discussion

Mr Annan Boag

Ms Alison Choy Flanningan

Dr Walid Jammal

Dr Julian Walter – MC

‘missing body murders, forensic profiling’
Professor Bob Peckitt, Consultant Forensic Psychiatrist and Forensic Physician visiting from Britain.

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Medical Cannabis – Are they just blowing smoke?

Dr David Gronow

Ms Ruanne Brell

Question time

Pushing the limits of parenthood: law and practice around gamete donation and surrogacy

Ms Julie Hamblin

Prof Michael Chapman

Question time

Patient Centred Care and Patient Advocacy – Strengths and Weaknesses

Dr Karen Luxford

Mr Phil Greenwood SC

Question time

The Case for Sham Surgery

Prof Ian Harris

Mr Michael Fordham SC

Question Time

Clinical Governance and Patient Safety for NSW Health Services

Dr Murray Wright

Ms Deanne Tadros

Question Time

Fitness to Practice Medicine – Have we got the balance right?

Ms Helen Turnbull

Dr Alison Reid

Question Time

Are Catastrophphes in Mental Health Foreseeable?

Dr Matthew Large

Dr Peggy Dwyer

Question Time

Contact Sport: Watch your Head Legal Exposures for Doctors of Concussion Injuries in Sport

Dr Arthur Shores

Introduction to Mr Allan Sullivan SC

Mr Alan Sullivan QC

Question Time

Ageing in the Professions

Dr Peter Driessen

Dr Chanaka Wijeratne

Question Time

Social Media

Dr Benjamin Veness

Mr Michael Swan

Question Time

Multidisciplinary Teams

Dr Mark Sidhom

Mr Bill Madden

Medical Tourism

Dr Garry Buckland

Ms Kate Gillman

Sexual boundaries – violating and changing outcomes

Jonathan Phillips

Phillip Boulten

The Opioid Epidemic – a Doctor Caused Crisis?

Professor Milton Cohen

Peter Dwyer

Breaking the Cycle: Anti-doping in Professional Cycling

Anne Gripper

Late Term Abortion


De Costa

Expert Witness Immunity – Continuing Relevance
















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